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School SEK – Chile

Rules and regulations for the school bus service:

  1. Our drivers and vehicles meet all requirements as stipulated by the Ministry of Transport and other relevant agencies.
  2. Our school bus service runs from late February to December and you can only use complete service, i.e. to and from school. We only accept students who have registered for the service, therefore guests are not permitted.
  3. Payment is to be made in ten installments, payable within the first five working days of each month.
  4. A fixed fee for the service will be set in February, and the price will remain the same except for unforeseeable circumstances such as an excessive increase in the cost of fuel etc.
  5. SCHEDULE: The bus will arrive outside the student’s home at a fixed hour, and will wait for a maximum of one minute before leaving and continuing its route.  Drivers will not beep their horn or ring the bell etc. to advise you of their arrival, so the student must be prepared and waiting for the bus every morning.
  6. ABSENCE: In the event where a student does not require the services of the school bus, the Coordinator must be advised to avoid any delays etc.  The Coordinator must also be advised when the student will begin using the service again.
  7. EMERGENCIES: If the school bus is delayed due to a mechanical issues etc., the driver will advise the Coordinator, who will in turn notify the parents so that students can wait until a substitute vehicle arrives.
  8. ACCESS: Our vehicles cannot enter districts that pose security risks or routes that are too difficult to maneuver, i.e., unsealed roads.
  9. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: must be advised at least 30 days in advance as it may involve the restructuring of a bus route.  All changes are subject to availability.
  10. CHANGES TO ROUTES: Students may be transferred to a different route if it’s necessary to ensure better coordination or functioning of the service. If this occurs, parents/guardians will be notified in advance.
  11. TEMPROARY CHANGES TO ROUTES: Parents/guardians may request a temporary change in writing, provided that this does not affect the established routes and there is room on the bus required.
  12. AUTHORIZATIONS: If a student will not use the bus service in the afternoon, parents/guardians must notify the respective home room teacher or the Coordinator in writing.  For security reasons, we will not authorize verbal requests.
  13. EARLY DEPARTURES: If parents wish to pick up their child before the end of the day, administration must be notified in writing, providing the student’s name, home room and bus route. If you pick your child up at the end of the day, you must do so via the school gate where the buses are parked, alerting the Coordinator.
  14. ARRIVAL AT HOME: in the afternoon students will be dropped off in front of their house, where a parent/guardian must be waiting for them.  If there is no authorized person waiting, the driver will take the student back to school.
  15. LEAVING SCHOOL: buses not will leave the school without calling a roll to check attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to promptly walk to the bus after their last class, as buses will always leave at a set time.  Younger students will be accompanied by a teacher.
  16. BEHAVIOR: School transportation is an extension of the College, therefore all of the same rules apply. If these rules are breached, the home room teacher and head of studies will be notified, who will take the appropriate disciplinary measures.
  17. DAMAGE:  If a student shatters or breaks part of the vehicle through deliberate misuse, parents/guardians will be responsible for the repair.
  18. FEEDBACK:  If you wish to make any comments on the organization or operation of the service you can do so by contacting the Coordinator.  PUT HIS EMAIL HERE
  19. SENDING DOCUMENTATION: Parents may send documentation via the bus drivers to THE school only if it is in a sealed envelope.
  20. This service contract is annual and withdrawals are not permitted, except for a change of address, and if that change of address results in the school being unable to perform the service.
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