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Extra Curricular Activities

School SEK – Chile

Our school offers a grand variety of after school activities, allowing students to further explore their interests in sporting and cultural fields.  These programs begin after the school days finishes, enabling students to continue their personal learning while strengthening their social skills by working in different groups.

General information about our after-school activities.

  1. You can register by completing our application form (available at administration)
  2. The fee is to be paid in advance through webpay, twice yearly, in the months of March and August.
  3. Any student wishing to withdraw from an after-school activity must inform administration, through writing, at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the following semester. Withdrawals throughout the semester are not permitted.
  4. Students must demonstrate academic achievement and exhibit acceptable behavior, otherwise teachers have the right to withdraw the student from the program
  5. Students must explain absences to their teachers.
  6. Our after-school activities are run on a schedule to ensure effectiveness and the general safety of students.  Parents and/or guardians must ensure that students are collected promptly after the activity has ended. Failure to comply with the schedule may result in the student being removed from the program.

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