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Extra Curricular Activities

SEK Chile International School – Chile

Our school offers a grand variety of after school activities, allowing students to further explore their interests in sporting and cultural fields.  These programs begin after the school days finishes, enabling students to continue their personal learning while strengthening their social skills by working in different groups.

General information about our after-school activities.

  1. In the workshops, students will wear the school uniform indicated for each activity. It is not allowed to participate in these activities without it.
  2. To attend these activities it is necessary to be officially registered.
  3. For organizational reasons, no changes, cancellations or refunds can be made during the semester.
  4. A minimum number of students is required for any activity to take place.
  5. Registration and payment for Extracurricular Activities will only be made through webpay. To make your child’s registration effective, you must enter the following link ( To log into the system, it is necessary to enter the Rut of the parent (mother or father), without verification digit. Once validated, the system will display the activities that are available according to your child’s grade. You will choose the ones you want for your child and add them to the shopping cart. Then in the shopping cart you must click on “Review Order”. Before proceeding with the payment process, do not forget to select in the column “Assign Student” the name of your child. When the quota is taken you will have 5 minutes to make the payment before it is released by the system, it is convenient to refresh the page frequently.
  6. The teachers listed in this brochure are the coordinators of each activity.
  7. Students who do not have authorization to go out on their own will be handed in by the teachers in charge of each activity at the school entrance.
  8. Parents and guardians are not allowed to enter the classrooms or the areas where our workshops are held. The roofed hallway in the central courtyard will be the waiting area for the activities that take place in the central courtyard, soccer field, athletic track, climbing wall, swimming pool and gymnasium.
  9. Registration begins on Friday, March 1. Workshops will begin on Monday, March 11. All activities have a maximum number of participants that will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. No extra registrations will be allowed in excess of the maximum number of participants.
  10. To contract extracurricular transportation, a special form must be filled out at the Administration Office. Workshop classes suspended due to school activities that are part of our annual program will not be made up (activities for Independence Day, Music Day, Grandparents’ Day, etc.).

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