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School SEK – Chile


One of our main priorities is that our students are in excellent health. Because of this our school places a special importance on all aspects related to health and prevention of illnesses.

SEK-Chile, through the conduct of examinations, carries out sanitary control for each of our students in respect to their medical history. In addition, nursing is available to students throughout the school day for any discomfort or injuries that may occur.

All parents must complete and update a form containing information about their child’s medical history.

In the event where students need to take medication during school hours, parents must submit a medical form to the nurse, along with a written request expressly authorizing the administration of medication.

It is forbidden to supply any medicine that does not comply with the aforementioned points. Likewise, it is forbidden for students to keep medicine/drugs on their possession, or in lockers or desks.

Our service also includes medical presentations and conferences from different specialists on preventative medicine etc.


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