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School SEK – Chile


Our students are protected by accident insurance, preferably through a policy with Clinica Alemana, located in Vitacura nº 5951, or another clinic of similar level approved by the school.

The policy’s coverage applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and only ceases at the time the student leaves SEK, regardless of the reason.

For further information please contact our School Administration.


Our students always come first and for that reason we have systems in place to try and do everything in our means to ensure their future, stability and continued education in the event of any unexpected circumstances.  In the event of the death of a mother or father of a student(s), they may continue and finish their studies at the school campus in which they were enrolled.

Below is a summary of the complementary service offered to all students:

Benefactor: The mother or father who identified themselves as the legal payer of school fees, in the annual enrolment or registration form. The maximum age permitted is 60 years.

Beneficiaries: Students who are enrolled in the school at the date of death, and dependent on the benefactor.

Cover: Our guarantee is a complimentary service which we offer within the tuition cost and strictly covers admission, tuition and meals (offered on campus) during the school year.

Coverage begins at the declaration of death of the benefactor, until the graduation of the student (providing they are not held back for a year during their studies) in the school where they originally enrolled. Under no circumstances will students’ tuition be covered if they are studying within a school that is not part of the SEK Institution.  Our tuition guarantee is in no way, shape or form an economic compensation, and for that reason, if the school term is interrupted or suspended due to unforeseen events or an act of god, there will be no financial compensation.

Each case is individually analyzed and checked to ensure all requirements are met.  The school may request further documentation as it sees fit.

Exclusions: Our tuition guarantee will not be granted in the following circumstances:

  1. In cases where the benefactor has a grave or terminal illness at the moment of the student’s enrollment.  We reserve the right to assess pre-existing medical conditions at our own discretion.
  2. In cases where there is an economic irregularity at the school at the time of death of the benefactor.
  3. In cases where the student’s enrollment has expired, or when the school term has finished and the legal payer has not renewed the student’s enrollment for the following school term.
  4. In cases where the benefactor cannot prove birthright or legal guardianship over the beneficiary.

The school reserves the right to change the characteristics of the benefits, cover and exclusions that are offered, which will be communicated to the legal payer of the tuition guarantee.

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