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School SEK – Chile


We have a team of guidance counselors who give support and psychological advice to the students, and meet with parents if necessary, within the educational norms of the school.

Our counselors work under a preventative philosophy, rather than a curative one, and therefore work to anticipate problems that may arise. This is done through regular interaction with the students and working in close collaboration with parents.

Students have psychometric tests during the admission process and successively during their school years at SEK, ensuring a frequent follow-up of the personality development of each student.   This information is confidential and is held by the guidance department at the school, where parents may go for any consultations.

This department also offers career guidance to high school students, which involves (amongst many things) attending seminars where professionals (many of which are SEK Alumni), talk about their different fields of work, offering a very current perspective to our students.

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